A Balanced Diet

High-Fibre Foods

High-Fibre Foods

To prevent and treat constipation, it is very important to include a lot of fiber in your diet. Fiber are substances present in the cellular wall of vegetables, which act by increasing fecal volume, which in turn increases the reflex stimulation that activates the peristalsis that pushes feces to the last portion of the big intestine (the colon). Moreover, fiber retains liquid, which makes feces become softer and can be expelled easily.

What is peristalsis?

The digestive process works constantly to provide our body with the nutrients it needs. Peristalsis is an important automatic process that happens in the body in which the muscles present throughout the whole digestive system are contracted and relaxed in a co-ordinated manner in order to mix foods with digestive liquids, pushing waste material until they are ready to be expelled.

Constipation can present itself when peristalsis fails and waste is not expelled normally.